Pause, Be Thankful

Every song is really a compilation. It may have one writer, and one arranger, but others have poured into their experience. All of us, no matter where we are in life, have benefited from others.

Our opportunities were birthed through others’ pain. Our victories fought for by men and women who sacrificed their today for our tomorrow.  Yes, we must work hard, but someone else taught us that truth.  

Our morals were modeled before we embraced them. Our faith was displayed through blood, sweat, and tears, so we could worship freely. Our hopes and dreams exist because others refused to give in to despair and fear.

We should be grateful, not only because it benefits ourselves, and it does. However, we should be grateful, to teach the next generation to be thankful for a continuing heritage.  Today, pause, be thankful, and think of those who helped you, and help someone in need.

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