TCSC EP 29 – Skip The Styling

I expected shooting, or being ran off the road.  It was worse. Two days of constantly being watched.  They made no secret about it, in fact they went out of their way to make it obvious. 

Monty does this smart Alec thing when people are stareing at us driving. He waves at them smiling with a silly grin. It’s embarrassing, and lovable at the same time.  I wish he had waved, but he didn’t. Instead he ordered a pizza, and headed outside.

He did this while I was in the shower, my husband knowing I wouldn’t have been comfortable with it.  He told me later, after my loud reaction, “… if they were going to kill us, they would have already.” Monty’s opening words to them were, “Cheese or pepperoni?”

“We could play the game. You beat me up, threaten me, I come back and beat you all up, but that’s messy. Instead can’t you just tell me who wants to scare us?”

That’s when the back seat window rolled down, and Monty’s Uncle stuck his head out of the car. “First you can tell me why my super spy brother is trying to kill me? I left him all the money like he wanted. Can’t he leave me to die in peace?”

Obviously this was a whole new wrinkle in the story.  It’s also when Monty excused himself rushed back, told me to throw my hair in a ponytail, and to join them in the car.  I don’t like wet hair, and Monty knows it.  All I knew at that point was, for him to ask me to skip the styling, it had to be bad.

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