Support And Encourage

There is a horse race this weekend, it’s the second leg of the triple crown.  As I began to think about it, I thought of the second-ness of the race, and what it means to be second. There is so much more to being second than not being first. 

A lot of triple crown hopes have been dashed by the second race.  History may be made in the first and final races, but it’s maintained in the second.  Churches, organizations, and governments, are either supported or destroyed by men and women in second place.

As a Minister, I’ve seen firsthand, the damage a Secoond Man or Help, to use Church terminology, can cause.  I’ve also seen the rich, good, and strong support a Second Man can be. I’ve prayed that God make me a supporter, and not a destroyer.

The same is true in a government. How many successful Presidents were first Vice Presidents, Teddy Roosevelt and Harry Truman to name just two. Say what you may about Lyndon Johnson, but he helped turn into law some of the ideals of President Kennedy.

Lastly, in an organization, the most successful company in the world is ran by a former Second Man, Tim Cook. He still, comfortably, and with admiration, stands in the shadow of Steve Jobs, being his own man. Being your own person does not mean revolting against either your leader, or the ideas they birthed.

It means, as Joshua did, leading by the example of your Moses, into new territory.  However, many in supporting positions may never get the opportunity to sit in the lead chair, but they do get the opportunity to lead. Leading isn’t only the General advancing the charge, but the Colonels, Captains, and Sergeants ready to follow him anywhere. 

Wherever you find yourself, don’t seek an agenda. Instead seek to support those who are leading you, and encourage those beside and behind you towards the goal.  To win in any race, it takes a strong union between the owner, the jockey, the trainer, and the horse.  When they win, everyone is present at the Winner’s Circle, no matter what role they fill.

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