TCSC EP 31 – Eyes Of Greed

I’ve seen greed take many forms, everything from the finest apparel, to the cheapest clothing. I had never seen it more embodied than when I saw Audley.  Had I not heard the story, I would have admired her dress, knowing it, I feared her eyes.

“Welcome to our little kingdom. William has been telling you his version of the story I suppose.  He sees it differently, but I am right. I have to protect him you see, and my children. They will need money, and your branch has so much more than mine.”

“So I thought I would shake a few branches. If I had wanted Sven dead, he would be. What I want, I get. I wanted his baby boy in my trap. Sven will pay anything to get you two back safely.  So we have rooms prepared for a prolonged stay.  It can be as pleasant, or as not, as you like.”

Monty’s Uncle Erik raised his voice. “Audley you cannot do this!”  She went over, kissed her husband, before speaking. 

“Dear, do you remember that letter I had you sign this morning. It’s a little gift from my friends in local government. You are now considered mentally unstable, and as a loving wife, it’s my duty to care for you. I can do anything I want. “

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