When your life is suddenly upset, and circumstances fail you, hold on to the faith that never will.  When you don’t understand why the battle rages, hold on to The One who holds you always.  When your days are bright, and the road seems flawless, hold on to The God that gave you the sunshine.  

When that road turns out to have unexpected turns, or unpaved portions, hold on to The Savior who walked it before.  When the planned, and unplanned happens, hold on to The One who isn’t surprised by either one.  Whether you meet your foe with answers or questions, hold on to The Only Answer that matters.

Holding on isn’t desperation, although it has been there.  Hold on isn’t an excuse to do nothing. The closer you hold Him, the more you’ll want to do, to introduce others to Jesus.  Hold on doesn’t determine His reaction, but it is a testimony to those you love.

What you cleave to, on your worst, and best days, teaches them what is truly precious. Hold on, not only for your faith, but for the generations who follow. You may never face the same battles your children do, but you can show them how to face any battle, by holding on, in faith, to The One who holds all in resurrected hands.

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