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TCSC Ep 37 – Perforated Stamps

“I see, well, keep looking. Check the usuals, they had to go somewhere.” Michael Wong closed his cell, and looked at us. “Your Uncle’s family, and all the staff have disappeared. No one knows where anyone has went, which probably means a private plane from the airport.”

Monty seemed to only here half of what was said. He was looking out at the water.  I asked as many questions as I could think of, but nothing seemed to make sense.

Finally Monty spoke, still looking out at the water. “What did the air control records say? How many private planes the last two days?”  

Michael blinked, then said that 8 planes had.  Monty sighed. “Care to tell me why you’re lying to us?  We’re on a boat with you, going into certain danger, planned chaos. I’m not in the mood for games, so why lie to us?”

Michael Wong grinned. “I did not lie in what I said, i just didn’t believe them. Here’s what I suspect, but I’m hoping I’m wrong. My replacement, a trusted colleague, has been bought off.”

“He knows how they left, and where they’re going, but has been paid not to tell me. I suspect, if he survives, he’ll disappear soon too.  I can’t do anything without proof, and I’m in no place to investigate from here.”

Monty was still on guard. “You haven’t answered my question. I asked why you’re lying to us? You just told me what you didn’t say, not why you kept it from us.”

Michael looked out at the water. “To spare you actually. I suspect that Audley didn’t leave the island with her husband. She’s insane, and plotting. I’ve got my other men, looking for any turned over dirt on their estate.”

“A woman, matching her description, and their grown children’s descriptions arriving at the airport. No one reported seeing anyone who looked like your Uncle. I’ve had no reports of anyone matching his description at any exit port off the island.”

Monty grabbed the railing. “Around 1854, thanks to a man named Henry Archer, stamps got perforations.  A way to separate stamps easily, it was a huge success.”

“I suspect Audley is crazy, but she also is calculating. She was with her grown children you said. She could explain to them why their Dad wasn’t going with them, but couldn’t explain his sudden disappearance.  He’s still alive, he may be roughed up, but he’s still alive, he’s a Lindsay.”