I was reminded this morning of the old cartoon. The hunter sees the face of, what appears to be a small creature, until the camera shows what the hunter cannot see. The little face sits on a large dinosaur.

The hunter was doing something Jesus told us not to do, judging. It’s easy to do, judging on face value. Of course, when we get irritated at the service in the drive through, we don’t consider the 2 jobs, and 4 kids the single mother is juggling.  

When our coworker is short, we don’t know what we don’t know. We didn’t hear the phone call from the doctor her spouse just received that morning. It’s easy to view things through our eyes, because we only see one perspective.

Again, Jesus told us not to judge. I know what you’re thinking, that was Jesus. An yes it was Jesus. 

It was The One who could have judged us all, without Calvary. It was The One who decided to die, rather than denounce. The One who is waiting til the very last soul that can be saved, before returning, to what will have to be judged.  

For me, when I look at my own faults, and His great Mercy, it makes it a lot easier not to judge others. All of us should be judged, but if Jesus didn’t, how can we judge others?

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