TCSC Ep 34 -Messy Relations

“I did some research myself, prior to conversation with Uncle Erik, and after. I reached out to Dad, and had him arrange some things. Then text him in the car on the way.”

“When we got out, Uncle Erik took the keys, and gave the driver the night off. He didn’t question, just jumped at the chance.  That’s when I got the keys from Uncle Erik.”

“Audley’s maiden name was hyphenated when she married into the family. Meaning of course, she had married once already. He called himself Michael Wong, a Japanese businessman, who had a son named Zachary.”

I picked up on his tone. “He wasn’t really Michael Wong, or he wasn’t Japanese?”

Monty winked. “Right each time, and that’s how this whole mess ties together. Aunt Audley marries him, he gets unexpectedly murdered, and she raises his child.”

“What she didn’t know was, how he died, until five years ago. It would have been better for everyone if she hadn’t learned at all. There are some Messy Relations in our family aren’t there?”

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