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Smile Along The Road

Someone you know is having a hard day. Maybe not a bad day, but a difficult one. Check on them today, ask what you can do for them today.

Take a moment to show them someone cares about them enough to listen, without an agenda or opinion. People don’t need to always know what we think, only that we’re thinking about them. Love in action isn’t always heroic, but it is consistent.

Love, listen, and learn about what they want to talk about today. Even if it seems completely off topic, it’s relevant to them. An you never know if this conversation may help get them til their tomorrow, or at least past today.

Some days you live for, others you endure, and some you forget. Yet, you never forget the love and kindness of those who’ve been with you along the way. Be someone’s companion on their journey, and make them smile along the road.

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TCSC Ep 45 – Expecting The Unexpected

When we landed in Zurich, I was surprised to see Eric waiting for us.  “Hello Sven, Charlotte.  It’s good to see you both. The ‘hotel’ is ready.”  The brothers hugged, and asked how each was.

“I’m all right Sven, at least as much as possible, the kids are all safe. Audley put them on the plane herself, all of them.  She’s still in China, at least as far as I know.  As I understand, she never wanted them to go, but it was part of the deal.”

“She’s talking to you? After trying to kill you? Eric, hasn’t she cost you enough?” It wasn’t my business but I was stunned.

Sven spoke before his brother. “Remember Charlotte, things, and people aren’t always what they appear.  Let’s table that for now, we’ve got someone to meet.”

The night was uneventful, except for seeing our accommodations.  It was more mansion than a hotel, complete with a small army of caretakers.  I felt severely out of place, but it was beautiful.

I would have enjoyed it, if I wasn’t worried sick, literally sick.  I had been for a few days, but I was hiding it pretty well. Until the next morning, when Isla arrived. She had come straight from the airport, exhausted, and worried.

When she saw me, she looked funny, then smiled. She hugged me, and held my hands. “I’m so happy for you dear, but you know you can’t go now. He would never forgive me. Does he know?”

I shook my head no. Sven and Eric looked puzzled, so she explained. “Grandpa and Great Uncle, we now have a whole new reason to wrap up this mess. Our Security Expert and her Stamp Collector are expecting.”