Vehicle Of Hope

Paul knew that, God had promised him he would appear before Caesar, so he wasn’t praying for his life in the storm. He was praying for the lives of those in the boat with him. I know there were times when he prayed for himself, but this shows that in stressful times, he showed concern for others.

The greatest men and women I’ve ever known, in their own storms, cared for someone else. Whether your circumstances are great, or horrible, you’ll find that, focusing on the needs of others, gives you peace. It may not reveal how your situation will work out, but The One who cares for you, will work it out.

Also, I’ve found that, when focusing on others, either my situations work out faster, or I just notice the wait less. Regardless, doing for those around me, blesses me in the process. The greatest blessing is to be a vehicle of hope.

Giving hope to others, when the waters are raging over the side, reminds you, The Storm Calmer hears you over all the noise. He spared everyone onboard, because Paul asked Him too. Someone could have a tomorrow, because of your prayer today.

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