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TCSC Ep 50 – Almost Over

“We were raised with love, shielded from the hurt our family faced. We were taught people could be better. That pain did not have to reproduce itself. What were you taught?”

“I was taught that pain reproduced power. Which is why I sent my little brother to masquerade as your wife’s client. You see, unlike my Grandfather, I know how to keep siblings in check.”

“Is he still alive? Or did you kill him the way your Grandfather killed mine? It seems to run in the family.”

The man smiled. “He’s alive, though not for long. I’ve found he’s become a nuisance. Much like the person behind the Swiss Route. You see Montague, like you, I’ve figured out who’s behind it. That’s why I’m here.”

Monty looked at his cousin. He was about Monty’s height. They shared some features, although the man’s face was harder, and his hair was graying slightly.

“I waited until you arrived. I wanted to face you both together. I think you may be surprised, as to who is on the other side of that door. It’s almost over. Shall we go in?”

He asked it as a question, but Monty knew the gun in the man’s hand made it a command. Monty would have to think fast, to live, and to save the person behind the Swiss Route. If not, more than just the two of them would die.

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