The Teamwork Of Prayer

Prayer is more than spending time with God, it is a partnership. First of course, The Creator Of The Universe, wants to communicate with His children, but it goes beyond that. He wants to engage with us in the battles of the kingdom.

God could do all Himself, without taxing Himself, if He had wanted too. Instead He wanted to have a relationship with His children, involving us in His work. As someone truly remarked, “Prayer is so much more than a conversation.”

It starts there, but it becomes something deeper, especially in intercession for others. God sees it as Him working with the prayer warrior to act in the lives of those in need. Your are asking for the help of others, sometimes when they cannot ask for themselves. 

In Romans 8:26, He says The Spirit guides us in what we should pray for, in those times when we don’t know. It is a team effort. We are holding up to God those who may be tired, weary, or in trouble. 

When we pray, we are entering the Celestial Throne Room Of God, a God who has also walked on the dust of Earth. He is ready to answer, and to impact, not only the person that’s being prayed for, but the person praying also. Moses face shined, because He was in God’s Presence for Israel, and he was changed in the process. You can’t spend time with God, without being changed for the better, especially when interceding for someone else. 

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