Keep Going

Keep Going, sometimes it’s just that simple. This week we’ve faced sickness, exhaustion, and a few questions, but we knew we had to keep going. That doesn’t mean you don’t take time to recover. It means you adjust your steps, and you take the next step, even when it’s hard.

My wife had strep, and was out of work some this week. She had to rest, but even in resting, she rested with a purpose. Rest isn’t stopping, it’s recharging. 

Keeping going isn’t charging ahead regardless of the cost, it’s adjusting your sails for the situation, and continuing on the course. If you’re sick, weary, or wounded, seek the help, rest, and strength you need. Ask for reinforcements, that’s part of keeping going. 

Don’t allow your circumstances to overwhelm you, don’t let them tell you there isn’t hope. Where there is Life, there is Hope! It may be difficult, it may be confusing, but it is winnable. No matter what you face, there is a pathway to victory. As long as we don’t quit on the road.

Churchill faced the black horde of Nazi Germany, and won. He needed help, he faced sickness, and he had to rest, but he won. Reach out for backup, recharge, and re-fortify yourself for what you face today. 

Don’t worry about tomorrow. All you have to do today, is face today. Take the steps you need today. Rest, recharge, and then face a tomorrow that is one day closer to your victory. You can do this, we can do this, we can Keep Going!

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