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Please And Double Thank You

I believe we should say thank you twice as much as we say please. I also believe our gratitude should be louder than our request. Ashley and I have just received some incredible news, that we will be thankful for, the rest of our lives. We just pray to make sure we are always reflecting thankfulness.

If not careful, people can forget what it felt like, prior to the blessing, and that is very dangerous. It’s dangerous, not because you could lose the blessing, but because you could lose sight of The One who gave the blessing. The gift, as precious as it is, is never as precious, as The Scarred Hands who gave it!

I am by no means bragging, but reminding myself to cry out in gratitude, for what my tears once prayed for. May we never forget what it felt like, before our prayers were answered. So we’ll never forget to say thank you, and to repeat it continuously!

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