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Move The Boat

Advancing in faith, in life, in business, and so many things doesn’t necessarily involve a quick plunge. Instead it happens by consistently fishing in deeper waters. You learn to fish, then to fish in a boat, then where to fish. What we fail to do, is move the boat.

Moving the boat comes in stages. It isn’t instantly packing up everything on a Saturday, and moving halfway across the globe where you’ve never been. It may one day consist of doing so, but only after you’ve moved the boat in preparation.

God often sends us where we are not ready to go, but He never sends us where He has not prepared for us. Paul’s Damascus road was news to Paul, but not to the house God had prepared for Him to wait for Ananias in. Simon wasn’t ready for the nets to break, but the fish God sent to that side of the boat had just been waiting.

Consistently fishing into the deeper things of God, and life, will take you where  the large fish roam. To do this, move the boat a little each day, in other words, consistently investing in where you want to go. Spiritually this is done through daily prayer and Bible reading, and consistent fasting.

Every area of life, you must move towards where you want to be, a little at a time, and never give up. There will be days when you feel like no fish are biting, but it’s only because either they, or you, are not yet in position. No it doesn’t take moving across the lake the first day, but to span the ocean, you have to move the boat a little at a time.

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