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Anchor In The Sunshine

The closer you get to Jesus in the days of sunshine, the brighter your view through clouded times. Every season, even harvest, will have its challenges, but when you’re in step with The Master, each step is easier. Even if the steps lead you into challenging weather, The Light is always with you.

Simon Peter had watched Our Lord die, then witnessed a resurrected King. He was getting ready to see Him ascend, and then the fisherman would go to the upper room. What did The Lord tell him in the midst of this season of blessings? He told him two things.

First, Jesus told Simon Peter how Simon would die. For most of us, that would be like a leaf falling in July, it would change the season. I imagine it wasn’t what the apostle expected either. 

Two things made this future trial good news. First, it would happen to Simon because he was following Jesus, and feeding God’s people. That meant he was reassured that he would be close to Jesus in Simon’s journey.

Second, Jesus said that by this death, Simon should glorify God. It may not have seen as news to shout about then, but I guarantee you, when the time came, it made the journey easier. Trials will come, even in harvest, but The Lord Of Harvest, is always present with us.

Following Jesus as closely, in every season, and every trial of that season, will stabilize you through any storm. The Lord Jesus was giving Simon an anchor to store up, for use at the end of his earthly journey. God will never send you into a storm without giving you an anchor in the sunshine. 

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