Thank You

Thank You From The Depths Of Our Soul

Ashley and I wanted to thank everyone who has been a part of, both our journey to Nicholas, and now with him. Family, whether related by blood or heart, have impacted our lives so tremendously. 

Because of adoption regulations, with my public account, I don’t post public pictures of him, but we are so incredibly proud of our little boy. 

We are also humbled, both by a God that made the impossible possible for us, and those He has anointed to make it so. I say anointed instead of used, because each was a willing, and happy participant in making this happen for us. 

We will be forever grateful, and though mere words are not sufficient to express how in awe we are, we want each of you to know how much we love, appreciate, and cherish you. 

This isn’t only because of what you’ve done for us, although that is more than enough, but we are blessed that you have, and continue to walk this road with us. 

From the depths of our soul, to everyone who has spoken into our lives, encouraged, opened doors, and protected us by keeping other doors closed, we love you, and say thank you!!!!”

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