Children Of Freedom

Throughout our history, our nation has raised the cry of freedom, celebrated its victories, and overcame setbacks to accomplish liberty’s mission. In every generation of our country, men and women in uniform, have raised their voice against tyranny.

They brought the hope of the Mayflower from the battle of Blanc Mont Ridge, to the waters of Midway. From Seoul to the sands of Kuwait,  saw the spirit that was present at Valley Forge. The cities of Baghdad and Kabul saw our nation’s finest continue the commitment that was handed down from the Dough Boys, and GI’s. Many of these incredible children of freedom, made the ultimate sacrifice to insure that we still can breathe the same air as Washington and Lincoln. 

Today, from Arlington to the fields of France, and each sacred resting place in between and beyond, we remember the lives that gave us the life we enjoy. We pursue the promise of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. We do so because of those who gave their lives. They made a stand for the liberty they believed in so passionately. Giving their happiness so their children and grandchildren could experience joy.

Today is more than a holiday, or a three day weekend. It is a victory parade for all those who marched into their last battle, so that we could stand in freedom.

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