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Mirror Moon Monday

Today is Monday, some people hate it, others love it.  I’m not here to get into that debate. I do know that Monday originally was named after the Moon. 

The Moon is all about reflection, it reflects the light of the sun.  We can either reflect the moods of the people you meet each day, good or bad. If we do that, our life will be a mirror of other’s emotions. 

Or we can reflect The Light that God placed in our lives. It doesn’t mean we won’t have bad days, but it does mean that His love will shine into our bad days, and if we let it, into the bad days of others.

Who needs your encouragement today, not in advice, but in a smile? Who could use hearing how important they are to you today? Someone needs to see, on their blue Monday, a few golden rays.

Today, let’s do more than reflect the bad mood of the guy who cut you off in traffic. Or the mood of the part of us who wants to growl and complain.  Let’s the reflect the mood of The One who loved us enough to hang the Moon and the Stars just to meet us!

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