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Why Batman

Why Batman? A lot of people know my fondness for things relating to a certain Caped Crusader, and probably think It curious. No, I’m not going to go philosophical over a comic book character, but it’s an interesting question.

As a child the answer was simply, he’s cool. I think though what I admire is deeper than that as an adult. For all the flash, the Dark Knight hype, and the rest, it is something more. 

Though he’s my favorite, my favorite trait is true of all my childhood heroes. No matter the obstacle, no matter the actor who plays him, or the writer who scripts it, one thing stays the same. He tries to do what is right, and to protect the innocent. 

Whether it’s Batman, Spiderman, or Superman, they all put others first, regardless of the cost. Through mistakes, hurt, even loss, they try. It’s usually the opposite of easy. In fact difficult is their normal, in the form of waddling masterminds, crazed clowns, and egomaniacal villains.

The real heroes in my life dress less colorfully, but they too, strive to do what’s right every day. They’re not rich billionaire playboys, but they have something in common with my favorite crime fighter. They have the character, and consistency that never takes a vacation. 

I see in them, the qualities I work towards in myself. Like Robin, I aspire to what I see modeled for me. I’m no Batman, but if I can follow in their steps, I can be something better. 

I can be a true hero. One who watches not for a spotlight over a city, but the signals of the needs around them each day. Why do I like Batman, because he’s cool, but not nearly as cool as my real heroes. 

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