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The LP,David Ben-Guruon, And Trapeze Artists

In 1948, the LP or Long Playing record was introduced. We call it the Vinyl album today, and while it’s going through a resurgence, most people don’t have one. Oh we may know what it is, we may have heard one, but we probably don’t own one.

Of course we could. Amazon has them, so does Wal-Mart. You can buy them at Barnes & Noble. Maybe it’s because music isn’t our interest. Perhaps it’s that we won’t something that plays longer than 22 minutes on each side. The quantity of music may pack more power than the quality of an LP, although it’s still rumored to be superior than an MP3.How many things in our life are similar to this? What better thing are we not pursuing because what we have is good enough? What dreams are we not pursuing because we are happy to keep it as just a dream. I admit I’ve been guilty of enjoying the romanticizing of a dream more than the pursuit of making it a reality. The same year the LP came out, Israel declared its independence. David Ben-Gurion became Prime Minister. Both of these events occurred because someone transitioned from dreaming about it, to pursuing it. Because they did, Israel stands to this day.Some dreams, such as a clumsy person like me being a trapeze artist, should stay a dream. Other dreams, like pursuing something that, while difficult, would benefit the lives of others, are worth pursuing. You have to know which dream is worth the struggle. Once you’ve determined that it is worth fighting for, then the question is how to fight the battle strategically.A dream may be conceived without form, but for it to be birthed, it must have legs and lungs. Legs to run the course, and lungs to give it the breath needed to accomplish the task. Once birthed, like any child, it must be nourished and nurtured. One day it will produce great sounds, one day it may grow into a nation, but first, it has to grow from today to tomorrow. If your dream is the type that must be, then today, start plotting the steps needed to make it a reality. Ask yourself the tough questions about the time, and cost. If you still feel this is what is yours to do, take the small steps now. The big ones will come later. An one day, like the LP, and David Ben-Gurion, you too may impact millions.

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