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Valley Forge

I always go back to Valley Forge, and later, to Independence Hall. To me those two locations, those two periods of time, define the Fourth. Cold, ill equipped men, somehow became the heroes of the revolution. Later, Washington who had led them into battle, guided them into freedom.

Farmers, surveyors, book sellers, and merchants, signed documents like the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution. Men, not of royal blood, endangered their lives, for the promise of a new way. Some shed that, common, yet noble blood, for us.

Because of their sacrifice, others would fight the Civil War to eradicate slavery. Because of their example, later mechanics, salesmen, and shopkeepers would fight a World War defending freedom. The next generation would fight a mad man to dispel the darkness of Nazism.

Every generation of Americans have had both battles, and heroes. From Desert Storm to Kabul, and beyond, Americans have volunteered to stand for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit Of Happiness. The clothes change, the hairstyles are different, but there are still Washington’s and Lincoln’s on the Earth. 

Whether from Kansas, Connecticut, or Texas, they will still face the harsh cold realities they must, to preserve liberty. They do so, in order that Americans can come together as the Founders came together at Independence Hall. Choosing the peaceful government of an independent nation, a free people, and a country most definitely blessed by God!

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