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Shared Knowledge

What skill do you have that may help someone else? It might be as simple as knowing how to properly wash dishes quickly. As simple as that sounds, when I was a young man working late at the pizza place, trying to clean cheese tubs, it would have been worth its weight in gold. I would have happily listened to someone who knew, instead I had to learn on my own.

There’s nothing wrong with that, it has its benefits, but finding an article, or a bit of information left by someone else doesn’t hamper that. In fact it encourages it. It’s my belief that every person has a bit of knowledge or wisdom about something, that someone else doesn’t.

In this day and age, it’s so easy to share your voice. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, some of the arguments we see online were replaced by articles where people share some skill, or experience they’ve had, rather than an opinion? People don’t always need to know what I think, but a skill, or experience I’ve had, may help someone else.

It could be as simple as when to add salt to your pasta water when making spaghetti, or as big as how you chose between two majors in college. Or how you paid your way through college. Someone needs, not my views on everything, but our experiences in a few specific things.

I challenge you to think of two things today you know that were useful to your younger self, and share them, minus a viewpoint or opinion. Let the skill, wisdom, or knowledge stand on its own unfiltered. You never know where it will land. In fact, you may never learn who you’ve impacted, but if you don’t share it, it can’t grow beyond you.

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