Marshmallows And Ice Cream

Every year I try to write something, or post something related to Christmas in July. I love Christmas, it’s my favorite season. I love it in July, because it means that you get a little of that special holiday feel early. In the hot Nashville weather, thoughts of snow, cold weather, and Christmas treasures are refreshing.

When I think of Christmas in July, it reminded me of marshmallows and ice cream. They’re the closest thing to snow during the summer, and at the right temperature both will melt. Also, I’m on a diet, so that helps bring them to mind.

There’s something else. Marshmallows are chewy, but they have a consistency. A lot like Christmas, they return every year to bring new smiles. They’re sticky like Christmas too. Christmas memories, no matter how long ago, or far away, never leave you.

Ice Cream is so cool and refreshing, but it’s also full of flavor. Again, that’s like Christmas, because even though you may use the same decoration each year, every Christmas is different some how. Someone or some event made that Christmas different than all the rest.

During the hustle and bustle of summer, prepping for vacation, back to school, or busy work days, you need special and different. I hope this July, you experience a little refresher from all the busyness of life, to a little out of the ordinary relaxing peace. For most people these days, that would be like marshmallows and ice cream, or Christmas in July.

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