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Defining Perspective

Perception, in art, is the art of drawing solid objects to give the right impression of their height, width, depth, and position in relation to each other when viewed from a particular point. Perception, in daily living, is a particular attitude toward, or way of regarding something. It can also mean true understanding of the relative importance of things. Lastly, Perception is an apparent spatial distribution in perceived sound.

I’ll admit I don’t get the last one. I do know that taken on these definitions, Perception is about what I see, what I say and do, my attitude, how I relate to others, and how I view things. In other words, how we see the world around us, not the events, but our view of them, impacts us.

This is why, the same event, wonderful or tragic, will inspire some to greatness, and others to despair. It is not what happens to us, but how we view it, and what we allow to happen in us, that shapes our mindset. My Grandfather was paralyzed in the mines, and spent over forty years in a wheelchair. Yet he was known for his smile, and sense of humor.

I’m no master of this, but very much a student. Too often I have allowed events to shape my mood. However I strive to be consistent in my perception of things, and people. I try to do a few things when faced with a challenge.

First, if it’s some action, or comment by someone, I try to keep the relationship in mind. I completely believe the relationship is more important than the argument. Most people do, until hurt, anger, or shock cause them to forget that. We’re human, but, if we’ll train ourselves to focus, not on the moment, but the lifetime, it will cause you to do the next important thing.

The second thing, and this is very important, is to pause. To sensor yourself from any initial response. If an immediate response is demanded, make as neutral a response as possible. One without any antagonism, and as little emotion as possible. Give yourself time before vocalizing what you are feeling.

Last of all, view things from their Perspective. Whether you agree with it or not, before you dismiss it, give it full consideration. To truly do this, you have to resist the struggle to be defensive. You may find that you still feel that you handled things correctly, but first consider what they have said, felt, or communicated.

After all of this, take the appropriate action. I can’t say what that will be for every situation, but I do know this. Justification doesn’t make losing, or harming a relationship any easier. Many people have been right, and regretted it. Seldom have they regretted however being merciful, kind, and forgiving. Love mends fences, heals wounds, and forgets arguments.

Also, you may find something else. The person, or event, who has wronged, upset, or critiqued you today, maybe the same one who defends you tomorrow. Whether or not that happens, a harsh word not spoken is a beautiful sound. A kind refrain when someone else treats you unfairly is more beautiful than a work of art. You never know what caused them to react that way, until you look at things from their Perspective.

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