Happy Birthday Dad!

Before Stepping Stones, before the song Our God Provides For His Own, I remember hearing my Dad sing Lilly Of The Valley, and I’m A Poor Poor Rich Man. I also remember Stroll Over Heaven With You. No he didn’t write those last three I mentioned, but his voice made them his own.

Whether it’s a song your write, or one you sing well, people tend to define singers and songwriters by the songs they sing. I confess Dad’s songbook never strays far from my mind when I picture him. That’s because music wasn’t only something Dad did in front of people, it’s part of who he is.

The titles of the songs I mentioned reflects him. In some very big battles, Dad held to God while things which seemed to trip others up, became a path to our next adventure. God did provide for His own through three children, and now also a daughter-in-law and a grandchild.

I guess, the reason I love, The Lilly Of The Valley, is because it reflects Dad’s love for God. It was never somber, but upbeat, and trusting. It also reminds me of that special Kenny Pruitt smile.

To me, I’m A Poor Poor Rich Man, reminds me of something else. Dad isn’t a proud man, but he does have a confidence that I’ve always admired. He can set with people from all walks of life, and be perfectly at home. I love that about him.

Finally Stroll Over Heaven With You, was a recitation about his Dad. How he loved him, and they loved each other. I learned that too, because I really love my Dad. Happy Birthday Dad, Ashley, Nicholas, and I, love you very much!!!

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