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Sketch And Inspiration – Ella Fitzgerald

This lady, in my opinion, was one of the greatest singers of all time. On top of her talent, longevity, and everything else, I have an example to offer. A singer’s worst nightmare is to forget the words to a song. Ella forgot the words, and won a Grammy.

It was on a tour in Germany, for a live album. The song was Mac The Knife. Anyone else may have stopped the song all together, made up words, or paused the recording for them to run it back, not Ella. She simply scatted through it. Later, she brought home a Grammy for the album. Only Ella would have thought to do it.

Was it her talent that saved her, no, it was her experience. Ella has been singing for so many years, she learned enough to get through the hard times. Those times when you have no idea what to do, but to keep singing.

Maybe you’re not on a stage in Germany, but you’re in the middle of something, and you’re a little unsure of the next line. Just remember something, Ella was a soloist, but she wasn’t alone. She knew the band would back her up through it, no matter what she did.

You’ve got people that are pulling for you. They may not be behind the mike, or the eight ball, depending on how you feel. However they are in the room. There hearts are with you. If you’re a Christian, then you also know that God is there too.

He’s helped out many a songbird who forgot the next line. When you’re The One who gave the songbird it’s tune, then you’re not worried when someone forgets a line. Just keep on going, let The Conductor lead you, and the band back you up. At the end, you’ll walk out, maybe not to applause, but you’ll never walk alone.

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