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Communication: A Conversation With A Star

Imagine if you walked into your local Hospital Gift Shop, and saw Betty White behind the counter.  No I don’t think it would happen, but in her latter years, someone arguably more famous than Betty White did just that.

Her name was Ethel Merman, and she regularly volunteered at St Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center in her latter years, while still performing regularly in television guest roles. If you are a fan of broadway, and old movies, There’s No Business Like Show Business, or Annie Get Your Gun’s lyrics are echoing through your head right now.

She also spent time visiting the patients there.  It was her way of giving back to those in need.  I can imagine the conversations with a patient and her daughter or son after this. 

“It was really her! A star as big as she is taking time to visit me?” It was only a few moments for Merman, but can you imagine how many stories, and conversations it gave the patients?  More than just cheering them up with a visit, she gave them something to talk about.

If you’re either lonely, or not able to get out much, something to talk about is like a lifeline.  Too often, we forget how import communication is, not only for informing and instructing, but interaction. One good conversation could add years to a life, as well as life to a person’s years.

If you know someone today who may be not able to get out much, a little lonely, or simply someone you haven’t heard from in a while, I’d like to encourage you.  Send a text, make a call, if possible stop by for a visit.  Even if that’s not possible, a text or call is. 

They may not say about you what they did about Ethel Merman, but it will give them something to talk about. It may also leave them with something to look forward to, another conversation.

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