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Something Worth Celebrating

In just a few days, starts my favorite quarter of the year, especially this year. Tomorrow our baby boy turns 5 months old. This quarter we will, celebrate my parent’s anniversary, finalize the final paperwork for Tennessee, rejoice at our Church anniversary, wish dear loved ones happy birthdays, and celebrate the holidays.

Yes, all of this is one season to me. I prefer to celebrate September through December. Honestly September through January really. Others don’t and that’s fine, but it makes me smile.

Beyond that, I would like to encourage you to look, not at a quarter, but a week. Instead of viewing today as a blue Monday, or a negative, view it as part of a week filled with potential. This week, you’ll see people you both love, and like. You will experience some act of kindness, either small or great. Hopefully you will be the instigator of a kindness to others.

Regardless of what you are facing today, view it as the beginning of a week filled with possibilities. Something good will happen this week. Focus on finding the good, and let everything else just be part of the week’s journey to something worth celebrating.

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