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Coach Flay’s Play – A Football Story

Coach Flay drank his coffee. He had won two college championships, and three Super Bowl rings. One as a quarterback, two as a Coach, but today was his most important game ever.

He may win a fourth, the way the team was playing this year. None of that was on his mind. Today he’d be carrying something much more important than a trophy. The quarterback handed him the package, it was more slippery than the ball in the winter game against San Francisco back in the day.

He couldn’t fumble this one, and he didn’t. Though the little guy did squirm all the way to the car seat. His little Jersey was bigger than he was. Momma had bought it for the trip home from the hospital. It read, “Mommy And Daddy’s No 1”, and he loved it.

P. N. had never driven so carefully as he did on the way home. They passed a scrimmage or two on the side of the road, but they made it to the 40 yard line just fine. He made sure his two star players got inside ok, then went back for the diaper bag, flowers, etc.

Soon, Momma was asleep, Philip was in his bassinet napping, and first time Daddy sat down in his recliner. In the middle of football season, today he wouldn’t be watching training films, games, or press conferences. Today, he’d be watching them sleep. Dreaming, not of another ring, but one day tossing the football with his little boy. It was a championship day in the Flay house!

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