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The Palette Of Friendship

Ask a painter about his palette, and you’ll get a passionate answer about the colors they’ve chosen. The same thing is true about the friendships in our lives. Each part of a relationship is as rich as a shade of Prussian blue.

Our friends loyalty, care, and compassion, all of these things have added so much color to our lives. Friends transform bad days into better ones. Trials into laughter, and memories out of normal days.

A person’s friends are more valuable than your life’s savings. Because they don’t just insure the future, they add value to the present. Value that only grows as you do.

Hair may turn from brown to silvery white, or wave goodbye, but friendship never gets old. Don’t forget to let your friends know how much they matter to you, and regularly. You never know when a kind word from you, may add just the right shade of sunshine to their own dark day.

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