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Are You Sure You Don’t Like Anchovies

Many people will tell you, they don’t like anchovies. Others will say they don’t like on pizza, and both are true. Yet many of those same people will use Worcestershire sauce, and Caesar dressing, both have anchovies as an ingredient.

Something that you dislike, is unpleasant, or despise, may end up being an ingredient in your happiness and fulfillment. I can’t tell you how many hospital rooms and doctor’s offices my Wife and I have experienced together. I can tell you this. Every moment, every crisis, brought us to the smiling face of our son Nicholas.

Anchovies are not visible in either the Worcestershire or Caesar dressing, they’re broken down, and mixed with other things. Your pain is very real, and I’m not attempting to lessen your experience in any way. The heartache you faced was not good, but God can transform it, into a means of bringing you to your happiness. Like the anchovies, your pain is not meant to remain whole, it is made to be broken.

The Chef breaks down the dressing, an industry has been made out of making Worcestershire. We can’t do it all my ourselves. Yes, we bring our pain to God, and He begins to work a miracle, but He also couples us with those who also impact our lives.

Our family is a product of the influences and events that God has blessed our lives with. Many people and events are precious to us, others are not our favorites, but they helped bring us here. So I ask again, are you sure you don’t like Anchovies?

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