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A Recipe That Feeds Everyone

Thanksgiving is coming up, did you know some people eat something besides turkey, and it’s a tradition? Cioppino, is a seafood stew, created by Italian American fishermen in the 1800s. When a fisherman came back empty handed, the other fishermen would chip in a little of their catch, so the man could feed his family. That’s how the community survived, and created something in the process.

This dish is what many Italians serve for Thanksgiving. People caring for other people unselfishly, always produces more than expected. We aren’t compassionate for a return on our investment, but you cannot invest in others without reaping the benefits.

The return may not come directly from the person you pour into, but it will always find you. Many times it will be from them, either way, you’ll get more than you ever give. The rewards are beneficial to our spirits, our lives, and our wellbeing.

Many times, the kindness you give freely, will also benefit you financially. It’s not that you do it for a profit, but even your budget will be blessed by giving. Whether you see it on your budget or not, you will reap countless joy, by the joy your kindness brings to others. It’s a recipe that feeds everyone!

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