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Ideas For Writing

“I want to write, but what do I write about?” This question is one of the biggest obstacles to anyone with a desire to write. I would like to share a few suggestions which may help you find the answer that is right for you.

Applicable writing. You know how to do something that others either find difficult, or have never done. Five year olds don’t need a mathematician, they need someone to teach them 2 + 2 = 4. If you don’t feel qualified to write as an expert, write a beginner’s guide. This type of writing will quickly apply value to the reader.

Write about an experience. I once read an incredible book on what went wrong when a man renovated his house. Things went wrong, the story wasn’t perfect, and that was the point. He was able to say, don’t do this, but do this instead. Most storeies aren’t perfect, hindsight is 20/20. Turn your knowledge into foresight for someone else.

Unforgettable moments. Most people have a memory they never want to forget. Before you do, write it down. If it’s a family memory, it can be passed down to generations. Charles Dickens wrote a biography of The Lord, just for his family.

Tall tales. Is there a story in you? Maybe a bedtime story you told your children, or an idea you had as a child. Fiction can be entertaining, and can also communicate a message. Maybe you have a business fable in you.

A historic event. Have a favorite era? We’re you inspired by a historic figure? Whether you share the qualities that impacted you, or tell your version of the event, there is value there. Of all the books on Abraham Lincoln, new writers are still finding new things to say about a man who lived in the 1860’s.

These are just a few starters for you to consider. Maybe you’ll write more than one, or a hybrid of two. You have something to write about, you just may need to look at it a different way. Remember you’re not starting with a book, you’re starting with a idea.

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