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Three Minutes

1,667 words a day, for thirty days, that’s how you write a 50,000 page novel in a month. That number may inspire you, or it might seem daunting. If so, consider this, a paragraph has an average of 100 words a day.

Ernest Hemmingway wrote at least 500 words a day, or five paragraphs. I believe everyone can write 100 words a day, even someone just getting started. Remember, we’re writing, not editing.

They’ll be time for editing, after you’ve written. Your next thought is, that would be wonderful, if I had the luxury of time. Today I’ve written over 1,300 words, most of them while holding a six month old. You don’t have to have a block of time, to block out writing time.

Most of us, even the busiest has three minutes, start with it. If you have more great, if not, you’ve written that day. Write again for three minutes tomorrow. On days you have more time, use it, by then you’ll have started something you can build on.

One of the famous men behind the character Batman, Bill Finger, would pick an object, like The Statue Of Liberty, and write about it. Once he had his focal point, he created a whole story.  Three minutes today will give you your focal point for tomorrow.

How many words can you write in three minutes? It’s time to find out, I’ll only warn you about one thing. Once you get started, I expect you’ll look up and find you’ve written a lot more, for a lot longer, than you ever thought you could!

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