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    Writing Completion

    I chose the word completion, because it doesn’t indicate that you’re finished, but that you’ve completed the hardest part of the writing, the rough draft. Editing, first, second, and final drafts are all important, but they need a rough draft to build on. You’ve completed the foundation of your writing project. Framing, structural elements, and finishing touches will follow, but you should celebrate what you just accomplished. You have written. Whether it’s a short story, non fictional essay, or a full novel, you’re an author. My advice, take a day and enjoy this. Then take at least a week, and let yourself rest. Give yourself fresh eyes, so that when…

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    Writing The Last Page

    Either today or tomorrow, some will be writing their last page. Don’t rush it. As exhilarating as it is, make sure it’s a page you’ll be happy with for longer than the next few minutes. Two pages of your book will be read, more than any other, the first and last page. Some readers want to look at the front page. A number of readers will head right for the back, to decide if journey is worth it. In writing the last page, ask yourself, did you complete the story you promised the reader in the beginning? If not, why? It’s a wonderful question to lead into your next draft.…

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    Writing The Spine

    After the title, next people read the spine, or blurb about the book. The temptation on this, is to phone it in. Summarizing an entire book is hard, but necessary. Once the title has caught the eye, the description invites readers to take the journey with you. As important as it is, once writing a book, writing the description can be a little dreaded. However if the writer doesn’t bring his best to it, the book may never be read. There are some ways to make it easier. First, revisit the tools you used to write the book. The outline, or notes, you used to write the book can be…

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    Writing The Title

    Now that you are nearly to the finish line in your writing project, it’s a good time to talk about your title. Even if you have a title set aside, there are some things to ask yourself. This is because the title is the first thing the reader sees, before they read your story. First, if you have a title, does it still apply. A writing project can change in the course of writing. The title may need to be tweaked, or require a brand new title, at the end of the journey. Second, with some exceptions, resist the urge for an overly long title. Concerning exceptions, a long title…

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    Everyday Is Thanksgiving

    Today, the day before Thanksgiving, our baby boy is 8 months old. The Lord placed the desire for Nicholas Asher Pruitt in our hearts before we ever held him in our arms. Now I can truly say, the fulfillment is better than the dream. When you’ve longed for a child, and every circumstance tells you that it won’t happen, it’s, well hard to describe. You have to hold on to the promise God gave you before you knew the circumstances. That doesn’t mean it’s not hard, but without God, even the waiting would be impossible. When you receive your blessing, the struggle makes every moment more precious. Yes there are…

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    Writing The Finale

    For those part of #nanowrimo, you’re in the last five days of your novel. It’s time to begin writing the last chapter, or finale of your book. This can be very rewarding, but you also want to check off a few things. First on the checklist, tie up lose ends. Are there any plot holes, or disconnections for the reader? Have you clearly explained the motives of those involved? Think of it this way, if it were a mystery, have you given enough clues to solve the case? Will the reader go away saying, of course, didn’t see that coming, or the writer took the easy way out? Even if…

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    Writing, A Missed Day

    I missed a day of posting about writing yesterday, maybe you missed a day of writing. We both had reasons, things happen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t complete your project. Don’t allow one day of necessary things break your streak. It was one day, write today. Before you know it, you’ll be finished with this part of the project. Then you can move on to phase two, and a setback will be forgotten. The act of writing can become a routine, and routines get interrupted, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be reignited. Maybe you needed a break, or maybe something far more important than writing happened yesterday, it’s…

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    Watercolor Thanksgiving Preparations

    We’re all getting ready for Thanksgiving, including the people at Macy’s. While PruittWrites will have another parade picture coming Thanksgiving, we thought an old friend might stop by first. I’m sure #RonaldMcDonald will be busy leading up to the big day!!!

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    Writing Children’s Books

    Writing Children’s Books, is a unique experience, with specific features and challenges. Most importantly, never write down to children. They know when you’re patronizing, even if they don’t know the word, they know when something is off. Write to them, and you will make a friend. Memories of a beloved children’s book can stay with a child to adulthood. Creating a good one takes time. Also not all children’s literature are the same. There are picture books, short stories, children’s novels, pre-teen, and teenage literature, just to name a few. Each can be memorable, but are very different. Picture books are generally thirty two pages. That usually means four pages…