A Walk At The HD

Eleven years ago today, Ashley and I officially started dating. We were walking in the parking lot of Home Depot. To show you how much we knew at the time, we sent her sister off ahead while we talked, real romantic huh? We had been talking since September, and dating since October but this was official boyfriend girlfriend time.

She said yes, and the following July, we were married. As I said, we weren’t dating savvy, but we knew that we wanted to spend time learning together. Eleven years later were still head over heels, and still learning.

To be honest, we’re not experts, but we know that, you put God first, then each other, work hard, and take time to enjoy every moment. If you do this, you’ll have a romance of a lifetime. That doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges, just that you’ll have God and each other to go through them, and that’s all you really need. I Love You Ashley, more today than that day at Home Depot!

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