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Today is November 1. If you’ve been with us this week, then you’re four days ahead of those starting NaNoWriMo today. If it’s your day 1, a whole community of people are taking the step with you. Either way, you have thirty days to write whatever is your writing dream.

Why do I care? Because I know the power of words. They’ve mattered to me since I was a child. More importantly I know your words matter, yes to others, but also to you. If writing is a dream of yours, then you need a friend to encourage you to go for it. I’ve had encouragers, and those who discouraged me along the way.

If you’ll let me, I’d like to help support this dream. Through encouraging you, and maybe provide a few tips along the way, we can do this together. Little things from not saying he three sentences in a row, to bigger things like how to get through the messy middle of your writing.

For now, let me share this. Be yourself in your writing. Tips are opinions, not rules. Three things are a rule though, one to keep writing. Second, to write from the heart. Finally, remember this, while your dream is valuable, and so are your words, know that you have value whether you ever write a word or not.

You should write, you need to write, others need your words. However you need to know it’s not having written that makes you important, it just gives you a platform to share the uniqueness of you. Having said that, I can’t wait to see what you build with your words.

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