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You Can Do This

Have you worked on you Namowrimo piece today? If not, is it because you’ve hit a speed bump with your subject? There’s some remedies for that.

If you’re stuck with where you are, think of where you’re wanting to end up. Then write that section. Once you’ve got that down, it can be easier to see how to bridge where you are with where you are going.

Another tip is, write something totally different, but a short piece. You’re still writing, and you can go back to your main project this afternoon. Also, rather than feeling as if you’re wasting time, you’ll have an article or short piece you can do something else with.

A third option, is to write an ad about your main project, as if it’s finished and you’re blogging about it. In writing about your project, it may unlock some ideas for the project. It’s about both a change of perspective, and taking the pressure you may be putting on yourself off.

Writing has its challenges, but any challenge can be met. You just need some tools and tips from those who have been there, and a little encouragement. You can do this!

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