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Busy Writing

So you woke up late, or you got up early, but it was to take care of necessary things. I know you think your writing time is gone, but it’s not, it’s just different on days like this. Busy days require you to break it up into shorter bursts.

Write two sentences, then put your writing away. Then, percolate on it as you step through the morning. When you get a free minute, write two more. This will probably complete a paragraph, and possibly start a new one.

Stop again, and put it away. If you do this two more times throughout the day, you’ll be surprised what you have written on a day without a large block of time. Doing this will accomplish two things.

First, it will keep your writing muscles working. Practice helps make it easier to consistently write, even when you don’t feel exactly inspired. This will get you from an idea to a completed writing project.

Second, it will provide you with a springboard for the next day’s writing. Tomorrow may be another day, but it’s built on the events of today. A book isn’t just made up of chapters, it’s made of days and weeks.

One last example. I didn’t have time to write a blog today when I wrote my first sentence. As I complete my last sentence I have a post, and you can too.

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