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Character Design Part One

Character design is important in your story. Making your character believable, and relatable. Also, choosing which character will be the reader’s lead actor as it were, who they consider the show to be about.

It’s not always the same as the writer’s favorite either. It is the one that best fits the role. Tell the story of Treasure Island with John Silver as the lead, and you will lose the main part of your audience. Tell it with Jim Hawkins the cabin boy, and you’ve got a classic coming of age tale.

There is a difference from focusing on the main character, and using them to narrate. You don’t have to have a narrator for a good story, but you do need to have a person readers root for. Who fits this role for your project?

Once you know, tell three things well. Why they want to accomplish their goal. What are the consequences of failing or succeeding. How they win or lose. These are the three questions that will help your readers most.

Beyond this, we’ll talk tomorrow.

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