Veterans Day 2019

A Soldier doesn’t choose the battle, the circumstances, or the timing of their service, they simply choose to serve. When asked, they agree to do whatever is necessary to defend our country. At every era of our history, whether they were farmers, or computer programmers, they put their futures on hold, to secure one for us.

Today is far more than a Monday in November. It’s a celebration of the lives of those who believed in our freedoms. This day, let us take the time to imagine what they must have faced.

Their Thanksgiving, and Christmas, weren’t filled with the festivities you and I are blessed to enjoy. Many times, they were Thankful to live through the night. Their Red and Green was life and death. Yet in this somber reality, they celebrated the hope of returning to their families for the holidays.

As we do the shopping, check the recipe, and pull out the decorations, let us honor the men and women of our armed forces. To every soldier, thank you for every moment of service, from Bunker Hill to Kandahar, and beyond. PruittWrites is honored to say thank you to our veterans, may God bless you for your service. Happy Veterans Day!!!

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