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Writing, Time

Writing, time for some people they write better early in the morning, others late at night, some write when they can. My preferred writing time is early morning, but as a proud father of a beautiful 7 month old, my best time is whenever the opportunity is there. Every person has their preferred time of writing, but when you’re in a season of life that doesn’t allow for preference, write when you can.

I’m working on a few projects right now, and many have been written while he was eating, or napping. Our Nicholas is far more important than any writing project I may have, so my writing works around his schedule. It is still scheduled however, even if the time is in pencil on the calendar. You may have to adjust the when of writing, but I encourage you to routinely write, whenever you can.

Also remember, what our Pastor taught us, seasons change. As your schedule shifts naturally over time, you’ll have the ability to adjust things more. Don’t wait til someday to pen your novel, write today. If you wanted to be a part of nanowrimo but didn’t get started, make today your November 1. It can be the first day in your thirty days of writing today.

If you don’t have a complete idea to write down, write down a partial one. If you can’t think of an original idea, pick a story you like, write down a summary, but change one detail. Tomorrow change another, in seven days you’ll have an original story that looks very little, or nothing like what you started with.

Also taking time to write will do something unexpected, it will make writing easier. The more you write, the easier it will be to write. Taking time to write, will make time for writing, because it will become easier with time and experience.

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