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A Thankful Heart

It’s the nineteenth of November, and I’m looking forward to Nicholas’ first Thanksgiving. He will be just shy of 8 months old then. The looks on his face, and the time with him are what I’m looking forward too.

This year, will be the first of many, and our joy will be overflowing. This year, my primary concern won’t be if the pecan pie sits up. I fully expect my baking to suffer, and that’s ok.

I would encourage you not to over stress the preparations either. Everyone wants a good dinner for their family, but you’ve had unforgettable times when you ordered pizza. Make the dinner, but focus on who’s at the table, and not what’s on it.

I can prove it I believe. Other than the dressing, and favorite desserts, made every year, do you remember the food of a particular Thanksgiving? Or instead, do you remember the time spent together, the laughter, and the joy of the season? Plan the menu this year, but be feast on the memories with a thankful, and full heart.

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