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Writing The Holidays

Seasonal writing, whether it’s writing a Christmas story, Thanksgiving story, or Mother’s Day tale, and I’ve written all three, can be very special. Yes, some people will discard it as commercial, a financial grab, or not serious literature. I would say tell that to Charles Dickens.

I imagine that more people have read, or know the lines from, A Christmas Carol, than they do Shakespeare. It’s my favorite piece of fine literature, and I can quote the first couple of lines. Other than Scripture, there isn’t a lot of other books I can boast that of.

If you are a writer of holiday stories, I would say this to you. What you are writing is important. It is a way of not only expressing the joy of the holidays, but connecting with others. These stories can brighten the heart and mood of those who, may not have much joy this time of year.

I hope all ages read my Christmas and Thanksgiving stories that I upload to my blog every year, but especially the hurting, and the sad among us. I hope some simple story I share, may bring a smile to their face. So don’t be concerned about what others think of this kind of writing if you enjoy writing it.

Only seek to make someone’s heart lighter during the season. You can do this by doing three things. First, don’t compare it with other stories. It may not be the first tale about a reindeer, but if your story makes one person smile, then it’s accomplished something very special.

Second, and this is important, avoid melancholy. This time of year, there’s enough sorrow to go around without writers generating more. I would encourage you to write towards uplifting the hurting heart this season.

Third, share true joy. Christmas stories, Thanksgiving stories, and other holidays are a means of not only connecting with the reader, but connecting readers to each other. People who have nothing in common, find common ground during the holidays, in the traditions and stories they love.

“To kids from one to ninety two” is a very real thing. I would encourage you to write your Carol, Thanksgiving moment, or special holiday idea. It can be just the gift that someone needs to unwrap, during the hustle and bustle of the season.

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