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Writing With Purpose

Writing with a purpose, or writing to a need, is something I strongly believe in. As a Minister, I believe in the importance of writing about Faith. As a student of leadership, and self improvement, I know the value of this writing.

Also as a writer and artist, I see the benefit in writing about these, and other interests. Almost any subject can receive improvement through writing. Even an amateur may have a point that can add value, even to an expert.

Sometimes it’s not about writing a revolutionary idea, but a different way of viewing a topic. Perspective is about the angle of sight, the reader seeing the way the writer saw something. Your viewpoint can add value when shared.

This type of writing though, has some common traps. Just because it’s instructional, doesn’t mean it has to do dry. Give instruction, but make it interesting. You can lose a reader before you help them, if you don’t hold their interest.

Next, don’t try to convince your reader you are an expert. If you need to mention your credentials, don’t oversell. Tell what you need to, but if not careful, you’ll sound as if you’re trying to convince them they need to listen to you. Give them background, if and when necessary, but focus on adding value.

Third, keep learning. Writing is like a stream, it has to have activity to be a thriving, living thing. When you’re learning, there is a level of excitement. This fuels your writing. You’re sharing what you know, and showing there is more to learn.

There are subjects you know about that will help others. Write it well, focus on the subject, not credentials, and let them know more knowledge is out there. Speak to your readers, share what you know, and your writing will have great purpose.

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