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Writing Thank You


Gratitude in writing, is very important.  This goes beyond just saying thank you, it’s about acknowedging those who have impacted both your writing, and your life. There is more than one way to do this.

One of which, seeing were a week away from wrapping up #nanowrimo, and your rough draft, is the Dedication.  Now may be a good time to think about how you will recognize those who have impacted your project, and your life.

Depending on what you’re writing, you may focus on someone who has had a lifelong impact on you.  Or if it is a topical project, someone who has influenced that work.  Yet, I will say, if it is your first major writing project, I would encourage you to thank the closest to you first.

Second, when at all possible, give them credit in some way.  If it’s fictional, you could mention something in the dedication.  Or even base a heroic, never a villain, or a good character on them.  Then point out their inspiration for that character in a conversation.  It’s a nice thank you.

Third, if it’s non-fictional, a sentence or two, without straying from the topic, can share with the reader who taught you a valuable lesson. It not only shows appreciation, it shows the reader you are still learning.  Also, it shows them you realize that you need other’s input, just as much as you want to speak into the reader’s lives.

Gratitude will not only remind you of how blessed you have been, it will lighten your writing.  It will add thankfulness, humility, and common ground.  We all have been impacted by others, and the reader will see that in your life.  It may help them identify with you more.

Saying thank you touches three groups.  The person who received, the person who gave, and those to whom the gift is passed on.  Writing thank you reminds us all, we need each other, and that someone is there for us.


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