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Writing About Your Writing

Build an audience. It’s what every writer hopes to do. Given where you are in your project, it’s time to talk a little about that. In about a week, many will have finished their rough draft. While there is work ahead, there is side work along with it, the business of writing about your writing.

Think of this side work, like a sidewalk. It should run parallel to your next phases of writing and editing. Its the process of building an audience.

One way of doing this, is by having a blog. In your blog, you can write about the subject, if not the project you’re working on. This way, when ready to announce your book, ebook, etc, they have some idea of your insight on a topic.

Second, you can speak on the topic. Either from a public platform you may have, or a podcast. It’s a way of introducing yourself, and your ideas to others. This way, you will go from a faceless stranger, to someone’s voice they’re familiar with.

Thirdly, if it’s a cause you believe in, you can get involved in community projects related to, or connected with the subject. This way they can see where your heart is.  Speak always from a place of truth, and show your willingness to work to make an impact.

Writing about your writing, while fine tuning your project, will add value to you and the reader. It will provide background, credibility, and build interest. They’ll not only know you have something to say, they’ll now respect you enough to listen.

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