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Everyday Is Thanksgiving

Today, the day before Thanksgiving, our baby boy is 8 months old. The Lord placed the desire for Nicholas Asher Pruitt in our hearts before we ever held him in our arms. Now I can truly say, the fulfillment is better than the dream.

When you’ve longed for a child, and every circumstance tells you that it won’t happen, it’s, well hard to describe. You have to hold on to the promise God gave you before you knew the circumstances. That doesn’t mean it’s not hard, but without God, even the waiting would be impossible.

When you receive your blessing, the struggle makes every moment more precious. Yes there are times of tiredness, but even at your most exhausted, you wouldn’t trade a minute of it. You hold a miracle in your arms, a living breathing example that God not only lives, but He keeps His promises!

Tomorrow may officially be Thanksgiving, but for us, we started early. Every day is Thanksgiving, when you hold the child impossible said you couldn’t have. All days, good days, not so good days, you name it. Now if you’ll excuse me, our little miracle will be up soon. Happy Thanksgiving!

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