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Writing The Title

Now that you are nearly to the finish line in your writing project, it’s a good time to talk about your title. Even if you have a title set aside, there are some things to ask yourself. This is because the title is the first thing the reader sees, before they read your story.

First, if you have a title, does it still apply. A writing project can change in the course of writing. The title may need to be tweaked, or require a brand new title, at the end of the journey.

Second, with some exceptions, resist the urge for an overly long title. Concerning exceptions, a long title must be extremely memorable to get by with it. Most titles will need to be short enough to market, even on social media.

Third, does the title convey enough of your story, without spoilers, to identify the story? You want the reader to be able to pair up the name with the face as it were. Your most famous work may become your brand, so it’s important to take time on it.

A book’s title needs to represent your writing well, and vice versa. I encourage you to spend some time here, and make it something you’re proud of. Because the title won’t just associate readers with your project, it will identify them with the writer.

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